Fun beach and wildlife activities

Where rain forest meets the sea
There’s no better way to explore the beaches of Costa Rica than by horseback. I booked with Playa Chiquita Riding Adventures based on their reviews, reasonable rates ($60 for 2.5 hours) and quickness to respond to e-mails. 

When booking activities, I have impeccable luck with being the only one booked for that particular time slot. For that reason it’s typically a more hands on atmosphere with people going above and beyond to create a memorable experience for me, and for that I will always be grateful. Horseback riding in Costa Rica was no different.

TRAVEL TIP   Book early in the morning/day. Most people on vacation prefer to sleep in and relax so if your up and ready to go first thing in the morning, you have a better chance of less bookings, if any.

My guide and I spent a beautiful afternoon with the rain forest to the left of us and the Caribbean sea to the right. Her ear was trained to easily identity the sounds of wildlife so she was great at pointing out howler monkeys in the rain forest. We spent the next few hours galloping along the shore of Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo with each beach prettier than the last.

Galloping along the beach, she asked if I wanted to try a coconut. Uh, yea.. no brainer! She proceeded to shake a coconut loose from a near by palm tree and with coconuts in tow, we rode our horses back to the barn where her boyfriend cracked them open with a machete. Yep it was as impressive as it sounds.

Even with that pure look of determination in my eyes, I still managed to spill it all over my chin. Who knew there was an art to drinking from a coconut. Ok maybe the only skill is not being total a klutz lol.



Beaches and… is that a sloth!!!


One of my favorite moments was riding my bike along the coast, seeing a path in the rain forest, following it and reaching a beautiful private beach

This sunset was everything!! The sights, the sounds…


I had the pleasure of visiting the Jaguar Rescue Center which is a center dedicated to the rehabilitation of mistreated, injured, orphaned, and/or confiscated animals.

These baby sloths were just brought in from being rescued


I am aware that there is a lot controversy surrounding wildlife tourism etc. however the animals seemed to be well taken care of at this center. We were never able to touch, hold and/or take photos with them as the center did their best to rehabilitate and return the animals back to their natural habit as quickly as possible. The safety of the animals was always #1 which I respected.

Although the center is called Jaguar rescue center, there were no Jaguars since none were being rehabilitated at that time. I did however get to see a cheetah, sloths, monkeys, birds, a pelican and a giant ant eater just to name a few. What touched me most was seeing these adorable monkeys playing.

This here is little Annie. Her mother was reported by locals as poached and she was left stranded before the center was called. She is now being taken care of until she is able to care for herself back in the wild. 

A beautiful day spent with beautiful animals.