The best restaurants in Puerto Viejo

Prior to travel, I thoroughly research vegan restaurants in the city I’m visiting even if I’m solely doing a day trip. There’s nothing worse than exploring a city for hours only to become hungry and realize your unable to find a restaurant that caters to your life style.

I was really looking forward to visiting como en mi casa (art cafe) and it did not disappoint. Here you will find a fun and artistic space, created with recycled materials and designed to showcase local crafts and creative works by artists everywhere.

All ingredients are organic (coffee, flour and fruits) and support the community by using locally-grown cocoa and spices. They offer vegan and gluten-free options, homemade jams and various super-food seeds. The owners are a lovely couple from Italy who now call Costa Rica home. They take pride in their business and serve up some seriously delicious meals. You can see what others think here. Their outdoor seating consists of a table top and bar stools with a fabulous view of the ocean. If you find yourself in the area, definitely stop by.  


The locally sourced Nutella was delish


Toast with Nutella, fresh fruit and an espresso shot


The prettiest espresso shot


Vegan pancake (the size of my head) with Nutella and fresh homemade jam and an iced coffee


Veggie Burger and Guava Smoothie


The best Italian is in… Costa Rica?


When looking at restaurants for dinner, I was told Madre Tierra was a must. It is located a few doors down from como en mi casa and has the same set up
(up stairs) with a table top and stools lining the perimeter, overlooking the ocean.

The first night I ordered their Pasta and let me tell you, it was the best I have even experienced and that is coming from some one who has been to Italy. I devoured it before I had a chance to take a photo but if you have the opportunity to visit this restaurant you MUST order the sea food pasta.  I was shocked that the best pasta I’ve experienced was in Costa Rica so when I spoke with the server and they mentioned that the owner was from Italy I thought.. ah yes, it all makes sense now haha.. It’s still ironic that I traveled to Costa Rica to experience the best Italian pasta.



The next evening I returned and ordered their tacos which were delish

Fish tacos



Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

While riding my bike back to town from a day spent beach exploring, I passed CaribeansAnything that says chocolate catches my attention so I tied up my bike and headed inside. It turns out Caribeans is one of Costa Rica’s first bean to bar chocolate companies, all hand made in Costa Rica with only pure cacao and organic cane sugar.
The chocolate tasting lounge is a chocolate lovers dream. Each canister contains a sample of each bar of chocolate and let me tell you, they were all delish!!

I purchased my favorite bar along with their infamous chocolate iced coffee. OH. MY. WORD. – Heaven.



I unfortunately didn’t have an opportunity to do the Chocolate tour with Carribeans but if your a chocolate lover like myself, it sounds pretty fabulous. 
 Chocolate Tour includes:
(Price – $28 per person)

Hiking our sustainable cacao forest (some physical exertion over hilly terrain)

Tasting the fruit of the cacao tree from our cacao farm

Tasting the chocolate with amazing ocean views

Seeing the bean to bar process at our chocolate workshop