Service policy


An appointment is not held, booked, or added to the schedule until a deposit is received. To book an appointment, you will need to provide your event date, the time that you need to be ready, the number of people requesting services, the exact services requested, and the location where you are wanting services to take place. A deposit for all services is required to officially book an appointment and have it added to the schedule.


A deposit is required to book your bridal trial. Following your bridal trial, if you are interested in booking your wedding day, a wedding day deposit is required. Your wedding date and time are not booked until your deposit is received.

Please keep in mind that trials do not hold wedding dates. Even if you are on the schedule for a trial, your wedding date is still open for another potential bride. If you would like a guaranteed wedding day booking on the schedule, leave your deposit for your wedding day before booking your trial which will be used to finalize your makeup and hair look.


You are responsible for all fees associated with parking. For your convenience, if your appointment takes place at a hotel, parking will be charged to your hotel room.


Cancellations result in a loss of time and money since other clients are turned away once your appointment is booked. Specific products may have also been purchased for services you request. For that reason, cancellations are permitted, however, all retainers, deposits, and/or payments made, are forfeited. Deposits are non-refundable due to cancellation or rescheduling.


Once a deposit is received and your appointment is officially added to the schedule, services can be added to your appointment (with additional deposit) if there is availability on the schedule to accommodate extra services. Removing services once your appointment is added to the schedule, or at the time of your appointment, is not permitted as other clients were turned away for the time slot that was booked for your appointment. Full payment for all services added to the schedule at the time of booking is due at the scheduled appointment. 

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