Prague – A real life fairytale. Visit a castle and dessert that will rock your world

While visiting Prague, I was blown away by how magical everything looked and felt while walking its quaint streets. With each day that passes, you’ll truly feel like you’ve walked through the wardrobe chest from the movie Narnia and have been transported into a fairytale.

old town square
The most beautiful square in Prague

The most popular “tourist area” in Prague is Old Town Square where the beautiful Church of Our Lady before Týn is located as well as the Astronomical clock, be sure to arrive early morning to avoid large crowds.

book this at the beginning of your stay to get acquainted with the city

I always recommend booking a free walking tour. In Prague, I went with Next City Tours Prague which is now called Generation Tours. Over two days, I did both their Free Old Town and Jewish Quater tour and Free Castle Tour where we spent a beautiful afternoon visiting Prague Castle and its Royal Garden which offered beautiful views overlooking Prague. Their packages are always evolving but Old Town + Castle and Old Town, Jewish Quarter & Charles Bridge are two of their newest tours. You can read their Prague tour reviews here.

charles bridge
One of Prague's most iconic sites

Construction began in 1357 and was completed in the 15th century. At 2,037 ft long and adorned with beautiful statues, the bridge and its tower are a must-see when visiting Prague. Be sure to stop by during sunset, and in the evening when all of the lamps illuminate the bridge, it’s breathtaking!

Bridge Tower
View from a tiny window inside the bridge tower
what to eat

The Havelské tržiště Market was located a few steps from my accommodations and was great for picking up anything from fresh produce to postcards, and souvenirs

When visiting Prague you’ll see many stands selling their most sought-after dessert Trdelník. It’s made from rolled dough that’s wrapped around a stick to give it its shape, then grilled and topped with a sugar and walnut mix. You can choose to have the center filled with your choice of ice cream or Nutella or in my case, ice cream *and* Nutella. Hey, you’re in Prague, live it up!!  

If you’re wondering what Trdelník tastes like, all I can say is that it was delicious and ROCKED MY WORLD!!  Enjoying it in front of a “castle” under a star-filled sky, was one of my most memorable moments in Prague. Be sure to grab your Trdelník and also enjoy it sitting in front of Church of Our Lady before Týn.

When your world is rocked once, you want to go back for round two which led me to another Trdelník vendor the following night. I figured all Trdelník was created equal, sadly I was wrong. The donut portion was dry and the overall experience was underwhelming. I wish that I had written down the name of my favorite Trdelník vendor but sadly my trip was short and it slipped my mind. 

I do know that it was located on a street called Celetná, immediately to the right of Church of Our Lady before Týn. On the same side of the street as the muzeum voskových figurín you will see a Trdelník shop that you can physically walk into. This is not the place. The vendor you want is located diagonally across from it. Although it is not a physical shop that you walk into, it’s also not a vendor stand like below. It is a shop where your order is taken by the vendor behind a counter along the sidewalk. If you decide to visit Prague, try your hardest to find this vendor as they offer the best Trdelník in Prague. 

The Trdelník that rocked my world
Prague - A real life fairytale

I always recommend free walking tours when visiting a new city and for good reason. Not only will you be taken to amazing sights, but you will be given an immense amount of history and the best recommendations from your guide. On my walking tour with Generation Tours (now rebranded to Free Tour in Prague) the guide recommended I stop by his favorite gelato spot in Prague called Puro Gelato. He claimed it’s as good as gelato in Rome Italy, and comparing gelato to Italy is a huge claim so obviously, I stopped by Puro to see for myself. I ordered hazelnut and chocolate and would have to agree that it was worthy of his claims. If you’re looking for a mid-day pick me up, their espresso is pretty great as well. 

I was lucky to have met a lovely Czech local shortly after arriving in Prague. I spent the next couple of days sightseeing in the afternoon while my evenings were spent seeing the city in a way only a local can show it to you. He picked me up for dinner with flowers in hand, and we enjoyed traditional Czech cuisine at a vegan restaurant. We hiked through the hillside of Prague and watched the sunset over Prague Castle while evenings were spent walking along the Vltava River as the city began to glow under its beautiful street lamps. 

When visiting a new city don’t be shy about meeting new people, especially locals. It’s amazing the connections you make when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to getting to know someone new. It’s moments like these in Prague and various other cities that I hold dearest to my heart when reflecting on my trips.   

Charles Bridge - as day becomes night...