The best way to visit the Blue Lagoon and Gozo

The Maltese archipelago is made up of three main islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino, The blue lagoon can be found off of Comino and is a sight to be seen with turquoise waters and rugged cliffs. The blue lagoon is a hot spot and for good reason, it has some of the bluest water you’ll experience and the saltiest. Hours after leaving, my hair was completely plastered to my head along with clusters of salt granules, I have no idea what causes this but the blue lagoon is truly an experience to remember.

The lagoon is Malta’s most popular attraction with people arriving early to grab a spot on what little sand there is while others lay their belongs on the hot rocks for the day. I avoided laying elbow to elbow with a crowd of tourists by booking a boat for the day, it’s the most enjoyable way to visit the lagoon especially if you’re traveling solo. 

The boat anchors up to the island in a way that blocks off a portion of the lagoon for “private swimming”, avoiding the crowd entirely. The only time I encountered other visitors was when I walked along Comino island to purchase a pineapple drink and snap the photo below. There are a few companies offering trips to the lagoon but after doing extensive research, I booked with a company that offers the most amenities and bang for your buck. In this post, I share everything included in the tour and things to look for when booking a boat cruise.

Hornblower Cruises

The Hornblower has great reviews and offers two packages. Option B is for people who want to swim in the lagoon on Comino island and then explore the island of Gozo (I booked this option) Option A is for those who prefer to skip Gozo and spend all of their time swimming in the lagoon. Additional “add-on” excursions are available so be sure to bring cash.


  • Malta is made up of various islands that can only be reached by ferry. The “public transportation” ferry from the main island of Malta to Comino leaves from Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal.

    If your accommodations are located in one of Malta’s main cities of Valletta, Sliema or Saint Julian’s, Cirkewwa ferry terminal is located on the other end of the island which means you’re looking at a 2+ hour bus ride to the ferry terminal. 

    The Hornblower ferry terminal is located a bit closer in Bugibba however it too will require a bus, therefore, I recommend taking advantage of their affordable private van/coach transfer which picks you up from one of their designated pick-up locations and takes you to the ferry terminal.

    The transfer costs 5 euros and includes round-trip transportation with pick-up locations close to most accommodations, mine was a short three-minute walk which made it convenient. Be sure to arrange the transfer a few weeks before your trip by sending them a quick e-mail. 

  • Audio commentary is included on the boat which means you’ll receive a guided tour while pulling alongside caves on the way to the blue lagoon.
  • The boat leaves fairly early which means it’s one of the first ones to arrive at the blue lagoon.
  • Hornblower doesn’t simply drop you off on Comino before cruising away for a few hours, instead, the boat is yours during your time at the blue lagoon. Since the island is very rocky and offers little shade, being able to lounge on the boat is a blessing on hot summer days.
  • Bathroom and snack bar on-board the boat (bring cash).
  • Faux grass sun deck with lounge chairs on the top deck. When you board the boat be sure to head straight up and grab a spot to throw down your towel otherwise you’ll have to find a seat in the shaded lower deck. 
  • Snorkel gear and lockers are available for a small rental fee. You’re welcome to keep your belongings on the sundeck with you however I felt more comfortable keeping my valuables in a locker while swimming. Quantities are limited so be sure to reserve it when boarding the boat and signing in. 
  • There’s an option to add on a speed boat cave tour with “crazy Tony” (small fee)
  • The water slide on the side of the boat goes directly into the blue lagoon is guaranteed to be the highlight of your time on the Hornblower.

the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Malta
Blue Lagoon Malta
Blue Lagoon Malta
Blue Lagoon


exploring gozo

I’m not a strong swimmer so I booked Option B which departs from the blue lagoon after an hour and a half and heads to the island of Gozo where you’re given 3 hours to explore. 

I recommend booking Hornblower’s “taste of the island” minibus/coach trip for 5 euros which takes you to the main attractions on the island of Gozo like Ta’ Pinu church and the Capital city Victoria. You’ll have a couple of hours to explore alone or with your boat mates so be sure to swing by the Citadel of Victoria, St George’s Basilica, and Cathedral of the Assumption.


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