Favorite Travel Products From Amazon

trtl neck pillow

Window seat, isle, or middle, it doesn’t matter with this pillow. I’ve traveled to over 15 countries with my trtl and let me tell you, I’ve fallen asleep within minutes on planes, trains, cars, boats, you name it.

It’s been such a neck saver that when I accidentally left it attached to my checked luggage, the ticket agent ran along the conveyor belt to stop my bag because there was no way I was enduring a 12-hour flight without it.

Click here for the original model sold on Amazon or here for their new and improved model which is adjustable for maximum comfort.

travel wallet

This wallet keeps your money and all of your cards in one secure spot when bouncing around from airport to airport, country to country. 

There’s a place for your passport which I can confirm holds two nicely, a handy wrist strap so that you don’t lay it down and leave it anywhere, a place to slide in your boarding pass and best of all a SIM card pouch which is brilliant since those little suckers are ridiculously small and easy to lose. It comes in over 20 colors, click here to check them out. 

I also have this wallet where I keep my booking confirmations, receipts and the other 1,000 papers I somehow accumulate while traveling.

Oh and this one which I use in my day-bag as my daily wallet since it’s much smaller yet still has 3 different zippered compartments and a key holder, it’s also genuine leather and under $15, can’t beat that. 

You may think I have a travel wallet obsession but trust me they’re all really useful in their own way.

3 in 1 - selfie stick and tripod

Looking at my travel photos you’d never assume I’m a solo traveler and I have this handy gadget to thank. It acts as a selfie-stick for high traffic areas where I don’t feel comfortable leaving my camera unattended while I sprint across the cobblestone to snap a photo of myself. 

It’s also a tripod which I get the most use from in smaller towns where I’m able to slip into beautifully quaint side streets to conduct my very own photo shoots. It’s compact, easy to throw into your day bag and sure beats having to prop your camera against random objects or window ledges. Click here for current pricing. 

wireless ear buds

I love listening to music while traveling, there’s nothing like returning home and hearing a familiar song to transport you back.

If you’re someone like me who thinks spending $160 for a pair of airpods is crazy, then these are a nice $30 alternative. The sound quality is great for the price and it includes a rechargeable case, music control (play, pause, volume) phone call control, use of one or both earbuds, and more. Click here to check them out.

Mirrorless Camera

If you’re heading on a getaway you’ll want to capture every beautiful moment. Carrying a DSL camera can be a major hassle due to its size, weight, and inability to be thrown into a bag for the day. For that reason, a mirrorless camera is a great alternative since it offers superb photo quality on par with a DSLR but without the added bulkiness. Unlike a typical “point and shoot camera” this mirrorless camera (Sony a6000) has a removable lens that can be replaced with a higher-end lens for sharper images, much like a DSLR.

It has full HD 1080p video and built-in Wi-Fi. It also has wireless photo transfer which means you can transfer a photo from your camera onto your phone by placing the two devices together.  I have the older a5000 version and it’s what I’ve used to take a lot of the images on my blog, unfortunately, it doesn’t have IR (infrared) which means it can’t be used with a wireless remote. If you have wifi abroad you can hook it up to that and use your phone as a remote otherwise you’ll have to use the self-timer and run back and forth like a lunatic as I’ve done for years. I recommend purchasing the a6000 which has IR and other updated features. Click here for current prices.

If you have an older model without IR this wireless shutter release includes a remote compatible with older Sony models.

Crossbody phone case

While traveling, my phone is the one thing I fiddle with most. I’ll take it out of my bag for directions then walk into a shop and put it away for fear of setting it down and forgetting it. When I leave the shop I’m back in my bag pulling it out again and this cycle occurs over and over throughout the day.

On my most recent trip, I met a German gal wearing a cross-body phone case which I thought was brilliant. I loved how accessible it made her phone throughout the day and the gold metal detailing was super stylish. When dangling down her back the strings looked more like a trendy necklace instead of a cheap lanyard.

Most of these cases are manufactured by German brands and sold in Europe however I found this affordable dupe on Amazon and I love it. If you’re located in Europe shipping is much easier so click here for the original brand. 

digital watch

For me, style comes second to functionality when traveling especially with valuable jewelry which gets left at home. I’ve had this watch for several years and it’s still going strong, it’s sold as a men’s watch however my wrists are extremely small and it fits perfectly. The clock face is large so all important information such as the time, date, day of the week, and alarm are displayed easily at a glance.

Features include an alarm clock, stopwatch, hourly chime which can be turned off, night-light, 12 and 24-hour clock, and waterproof up to 164Ft, just to name a few. My favorite feature is the dual time zone which means that while I’m traveling I can set the current time and the time back home so that I avoid making annoying 3am phone calls to friends and family. This watch has endless features, and under $15 it’s a steal. Click her for available colors. 

reusable bags

Trust me, you’ll get more use out of these than you think. When staying in Airbnb’s I certainly utilize the kitchen and having these to carry groceries is great. 

I often hit up local open-air markets for produce and these bags come in handy since the straps are long enough to be carried on your shoulder. I’ve also used them as an impromptu beach bag since sand can be easily brushed off from this material.

They’re high quality, take up very little space and the carrying bag hooks on to the actual bag while in use so you never lose it. Click here for the pattern I have or here for other pattern options.

travel cocoon

If you’ve seen any of the “black light challenges” then you know most hotels are a cesspool of bacteria and other questionable fluids I refuse to think about. 

I purchased this cocoon a few years back and will not jump into any bed whether in a hotel, Airbnb or hostel without laying this down first. I used their older model with Velcro closures before upgrading to the new zippered version which I love even more. Click here for both versions. 

in-Flight Kit

This set has everything needed to start your in-flight essentials kit. I especially like the eye mask because it’s raised and doesn’t lay directly against your eyes which is especially great for those with lash extensions. Click here to check out what’s inside.

You’re going to need more than one pair of earplugs so be sure to add these to your cart. The carrying case is perfect for shoving in several pairs in case you lose a few while sleeping.


If you’re traveling from the U.S to Europe, you’re going to need an adapter or you won’t be able to plug your electronics into electrical sockets. Be sure your device is dual wattage 120/220v or you’ll blow a fuse in your device. 

If your device isn’t dual wattage you can use an adapter and converter in one. These are usually more expensive however it allows you to use your non dual-voltage device.

Below are two great options because they include USB ports which allow you to charge several devices at once. Click here for adapter and here for converter.


Once you’ve traveled with packing cubes there’s no going back, they’re truly a lifesaver at keeping your clothes organized. Categorize each cube into tops, bottoms, dresses, pajamas, intimates and so on, and you’ll be able to find the exact item you need without disturbing the rest of your luggage. Click here for my favorite cubes. 

Toiletry bag

I didn’t know what a joy packing toiletries could be until I switched to this bag, it keeps everything organized and once zippered it’s compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

The bottom compartment is where you can keep your skincare since it has a separate zipper and can be detached and brought to the bathroom without having to bring the entire bag, although, if you choose to do so, there is a handy hook to hang it. I have the black one but click here for more color options.

Toiletry Containers

Toiletry containers are great for leaving large bottles at home and bringing only the amount needed for your trip. These are leak-proof, BPA free and under the carry on limit. There is a space at the bottom to add a custom label and suction cups which allow you to stick them onto shower walls. Click here for current pricing.

combo locks

I’ve seen too many news stories to know that it’s not uncommon for baggage handlers to have sticky fingers which is why I always lock my luggage when traveling. Airlines prohibit passengers from locking luggage unless it’s done with a TSA approved lock so be sure to look for the little red logo. 

These are great because the combination can be customized for each lock,  I suggest setting them all the same to keep it simple and avoid forgetting the sequence of numbers. They are also cable locks which means they’re flexible and great for securing two bags together should you need to. Click here to keep your bags secure. 

pop socket

Honestly, a pop socket is useful in everyday life as well as travel. Slipping it between your fingers to securely hold onto your phone when texting and taking selfies is extremely helpful since nothing ruins a trip quicker than pulling out your phone to take a photo and having it smash to the ground rendering it useless your entire trip.

I have this palm tree design but you can click here for other designs.

theft proof 2 in 1 backpack

Pickpocketing has always been a major concern in big cities around the world which is why an anti-theft bag is a must when traveling, this one has been my go-to for years.

  • Cut proof material (lightweight steel mesh) means it can’t be slashed off of you with sharp bladed objects
  • Interlocking zippers
  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Can be secured to fixtures such as a table while dining
  • Converts from a backpack into a cross-body bag
  • When used as a cross-body bag it can only be opened using the zipper on the part of the bag that lays against your body (smart!) 

You may be wondering why you need a backpack that converts into a cross-body, well, there are several reasons.

There are venues in Europe that prohibit visitors from carrying backpacks inside. If you’re lucky they’ll provide a coat room where you can check your bag for a small fee but who wants to leave their bag with a stranger? The worst-case scenario is there’s no bag check and your denied entry entirely.

This is the perfect time to turn your incognito backpack into a cross-body, therefore falling into the purse category which is allowed in all venues. This feature also comes in handy when you’ve spent all day exploring and decide at the last minute to stop at an upscale restaurant for dinner and drinks at the cities trendiest bar, just transform it from an explore all-day backpack into an evening cross-body purse. Click here for all color options.

I use these for keeping the main compartment of the backpack locked while in high traffic areas.

beach towel

If you’re heading anywhere beachy you’ll need a quick-drying microfiber towel. I purchased this one before leaving for Malta and I’m glad I did because I used it daily and it was always dry and ready to go when I needed it. 

It has an elastic band that can be used to hold the towel in place when folded as well as hung on a hook to dry. It’s compact, comes with a carrying bag, and sand doesn’t stick to it which we all know is the most annoying part of going to the beach. Click here for all colors. 

Waterproof Phone Case

As a solo traveler enjoying the beach is difficult, you often spend most of your time in the water looking over your shoulder to ensure your belonging onshore are still safely “hidden” under your beach towel. 

These allow you to swim comfortably knowing that everything important is with you in the water at all times. It keeps your money, credit cards, and phone secure while also turning it into a underwater camera. 

Not all brands offer floating cases so if you accidentally drop it in the sea you’re out of luck when it sinks. I highly recommend this one, it floats and comes in a pack of 3 colors to match any swimsuit you pack.

cell phone gloves

While I wouldn’t recommend wearing these in northern Europe since they’re not the warmest gloves around, they did get me through winter in Italy over Christmas and New Year.

The tiny buttons on the wrists give them an elegant and vintage look and I love that I’m able to keep them on while using my phone for navigating and listening to music.

They’re under $10 and work will all touch screen devices so it’s worth adding them to your cart. Click here for more color options. 

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