A day tip to the Swiss Alps – Mt. Titlis

If you’re traveling to Switzerland a trip to the Swiss Alps is a-must! I  recommend booking accommodations in Lucern, a great base for visiting Zurich and Mt. Titlis which is located an hour south in Engleberg where the mountains look like they’re hand-painted behind a quaint, lodge filled town. Mt. Titlis is not only breathtakingly beautiful but is also said to have the highest elevation suspension bridge in Europe which is a lot of fun to cross once you’re up there.  


If you book accommodations in Lucerne, you can visit the ticket office at the Bahnhof (railway station) and purchase a bundle ticket at a discounted rate. The bundle includes a round trip train ticket to Engelberg where the mountain is located and a day pass to Mt. Titlis. I paid $116 for the bundled ticket which would have been priced higher if I had purchased them separately. 

  • Titlis Rotair: Revolving cable car and gondola (all tiers). Your ticket is round trip so it includes the same transportation back down the mountain. 
  • Ice Flyer: This chairlift has spectacular panoramic views at 9,842 feet.
  • Cliff Walk: This suspension bridge is 9,977 feet above sea level, 1,640 feet off the ground and 150 heart-pounding steps. 
  • Glacier Cave: This impressive cave takes you through a 492-foot long tunnel 65 feet under the glacier’s surface.

  • From the Engelberg railway station, it’s about a 10-minute walk to the Titlis Valley Station. From the station, you’ll take a gondola up the mountain followed by a revolving cable car. 
  • Arrive Early: It gets extremely crowded in the afternoon. I arrived when the mountain opened so I was able to hop into my own gondola and enjoy unobstructed views. Arriving early also meant that I was  able to leave the mountain as large groups arrived and were packed into cable cars like sardine cans. 
  • Skip dining on the mountain, the restaurants are expensive with limited items on their menu, instead pack a lunch, there are warm indoor areas where you can eat. 
  • Dress warmly. The best clothing purchase I made before my trip was the Revelcloud jacket in black by REI. It’s water-resistant and wind-resistant up to 50 MPH and also has a durable water repellent finish. It’s extremely warm but also paper-thin and can be folded into itself which is great for backpacking when space is limited to what you can carry on your back. I have since brought this jacket on every trip to Europe.
  • TOP: A long sleeve thermal is a must, I suggest wearing one under a warm fleece sweater. On top of that the Revelcloud jacket and a puffy vest for extra warmth on your chest, a scarf, and a classic pom-pom beanie.
  • BOTTOM: Thermal pants underneath sweatpants, they are much warmer than jeans. If you have boots bring them! I didn’t have the luxury of packing multiple pairs of shoes so I wore my sneakers which were treated with water repellent. Spraying your shoes before a trip comes in handy when experiencing light rain showers or in this case, frolicking through the snow. I spray my shoes before every trip and it’s been a lifesaver. 
32° Crew Top
REI Co-op Revelcloud II Jacket
32° Lightweight Legging

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